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Hey Willow? You really are the cutest 😍 do you remember our efforts in May when we helped to save 53 dogs from euthanasia in an overcrowded shelter in Coachella Valley? Well, out of the 13 dogs we found fosters for… Willow somehow is our last pup to find a home! Her sibling has already been adopted and we KNOW Willow has her perfect match out there because frankly, she is a perfect pup! Here is what her foster has to say about Willow:

Willow is an incredibly lovable and well behaved dog. She is housebroken and has not had a single accident, does not chew on furniture, and is incredibly smart so can learn commands and bad habits not to repeat very quickly. She loves to snuggle and play and has such a funny personality. She reminds me of a dolphin in the way she is so silly and playful, but she is also fairly tame, so if you want to sit on the couch and have a lazy day, she will do the same. She does love to run around outside and go on walks, the second she sees her leash come out she will literally jump for joy. She is good on the leash, however she still struggles with being afraid of other dogs, so she will occasionally hesitate and growl or bark, but she does not pull or get really aggressive, just nervous and protective. She loves playing with her toys, is great on car rides, incredibly sweet and loving towards her foster parents. She is still working on socializing and getting exposure to other people and other dogs, but she is incredibly curious and playful in nature so I have no doubt she will be running around at the dog park in no time.

If you’re interested in meeting Willow, please email us at puppiesandgolf@gmail.com or reach out to An @awishforanimalsorg and we will get the process the rolling! 🐶⛳️

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a MASSIVE thank you to the @3mopen and the incredible folks at the @3m for the $5,000 donation to Puppies & Golf! This generous donation will provide a grant for a shelter in need and help us cover costs for families in need and so much more! ...


To protect and advocate for dogs in need of companionship by supporting and promoting organizations dedicated to connecting humans and dogs for a lifetime of purpose and love, with an emphasis on Military veterans.

August shelter & dog of the month

Pet of the Month


Buck is the most handsome 5-year-old German Shorthair Pointer Lab mix boy! He is a happy guy, loves everyone, and gets along with other dogs! He knows “sit” and comes when called! Buck is also friendly and relaxed on car rides! He would love to join your family!

Shelter of the Month

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization being built on 83 acres of land in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Beautiful Together rescue animals who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and gives them the care they need while we work to find them loving homes. With a focus on empathy-building and pet therapy, we connect animals in need of refuge with children living in foster care, at-risk situations, or in underserved environments in our community – and around the world.

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