To protect and advocate for dogs in need of companionship by supporting and promoting organizations dedicated to connecting humans and dogs for a lifetime of purpose and love, with an emphasis on Military veterans.


Facilitate connections between rescue dogs and humans to provide healing and emotional benefits for both.

From the mouths of our four-legged companions

How We Achieve Our Mission

  • EDUCATE my owners and potential owners about the process of rescuing my friends!
  • SUPPORT our temporary homes (they call them shelters) around the country to help  ease financial burdens. Support military veterans with long-lasting canine companionship through our partnership with K9s for Warriors.
  • PROMOTE the importance of my pals and the long-lasting canine companionship we provide for both the owner and us.

These are a few of the ways we hope to accomplish our mission…

FURever Housing Grants

Grants to shelters around the country

John Mascatello
Housing Grants

Grants to rescue dog owners that need additional financial assistance

WHY Are We Here?

Hi, I’m Amanda, and my passion runs deep when it comes to rescue animals and the support they can provide to families, especially Military veterans.

I’m an only child, and some might think that I was surrounded by dogs growing up, but it was actually the opposite. My parents weren’t thrilled about the idea of having a dog when I was young. As my Dad would always say, “A dog is like having a three-year-old forever.” But my passion and yearning for that type of companionship continued to grow anyway. In college I was completely naive about animal adoption and the need for animal rescue. I bought my first dog from a puppy mill. Now I  know some of the signs of a puppy mill such as over-breeding, illnesses in the puppies, and not being allowed to see the living conditions of the moms and litter. Once I left with my puppy, who I named Chorizo (yes it’s supposed to make you smile and laugh!) we had a lot of health and behavioral issues to get through that lasted pretty much her whole life. Through it all though, Chorizo became my constant. I moved a lot in the start of my career and the one thing that stayed the same was Chorizo. She was my rock.

It wasn’t until after my parents fell in love with Chorizo and then were in a horrific car accident, that I encouraged them to get a dog. My mom had healed more quickly from the accident than my dad, but felt guilty about leaving the house without him, and he needed something to bolster his spirits. That’s where Arnie Palmer, their puppy, came in. He gave my mom a sense of purpose to leave the house on daily walks, and he served as the perfect companion for my dad when my mom wanted to go catch up with her friends. What they realized, during a really difficult time, was that Arnie became a happy distraction during a traumatic time and he helped heal and bring joy back into their home.

My Dad passed away two years after the accident and Arnie was still there, providing comfort and companionship for my mom. Neither my mom nor I entirely realized the positive impacts that dogs could provide during times of joy and especially during times of sadness.

Rescue dogs need saving and so do humans. I want to do my part in educating individuals about the incredible dogs you can find at rescues while working towards finding each human and dog that perfect connection with a forever home.

Amanda’s Professional Career

Amanda Balionis has always been passionate about sports since she was a young girl growing up in Pennsylvania. As for her introduction to golf, that happened when her parents signed her up for golf lessons when she was nine years old. Amanda began her career as a sideline reporter for Verizon Fios Channel 1 covering high school sports. From 2009 to 2011, she honed her skills covering high school sports at MSG Network, which included her role as a color commentator on the network’s high school volleyball coverage.

Balionis joined the PGA TOUR as an in-house reporter and host in 2011, producing and reporting tournament highlights, shows and events. In 2016, she signed on with Callaway Golf to work as an in-house reporter producing digital content for the golf manufacturer. Balionis got her big break in 2017 when she joined CBS as a part-time golf reporter, working select tournaments. She became a full-time CBS golf reporter in 2018.

In addition to her time covering golf, she also serves as a sideline reporter for select NFL On CBS games and CBS Sports Network college football games. She worked her first Super Bowl in 2019.


Board of Directors

Meet our humans! They give us so much more than head pats and belly rubs. They spend their time, talents, and treasures making sure we protect and advocate for dogs in need of companionship. This is done by supporting and promoting organizations dedicated to connecting humans and dogs for a lifetime of purpose and love, with an emphasis on Military veterans.

Amanda Balionis

Vice President
Jamie Davis

Dana Balionis

Angelica San Miguel Lassetter

Cameron Hooper
Holly Slezak

Maya Brown